Garden Gold is specially manufactured organic manure suitable for home garden & nursery i.e. ornamentals, vegetables, aromatic & medicinal plants etc.

Special features of Garden gold:

  • Garden gold when applied in the soil, provides more oxygen to root system.
  • Garden gold when applied increases aeration in the soil, provides more oxygen to root system. This in turn increase root growth & root health.
  • Garden gold helps to prevent soil borne diseases as it helps to increases the beneficial soil microflora.
  • Garden gold helps vigorous growth of garden plants. Keep them lush green. Enhances flowering, prevents flower & immature fruit drops.
  • Garden gold helps in biotic & stress management.


  • Garden Gold is recommended at the rate of 50 to 100 g per plant depending upon the age & size of the plants. Repeat the application after every 90 days for more healthy plants.
  • Garden gold can be applied along with chemical fertilizer if required.