RCM-Rapid is a unique extract derived from Indianorigin herbs by proprietary fermentation process.

The various alkaloids and metabolites released by this process are very effective for management /suppression of hard to kill Mites and sucking pests like Thrips on cropslike Chilli, Tomato, Okra, Melons, Fruit crops like Grapes, floricultural crops like Roses etc.

RCM RAPID being botanical extract isnon-hazardous to environment, non-toxic to higher animals and as suchis an ideal input in organic farming.

Mode of action:

RCM-Rapid works as an anteefeedant & works on hormonal system of mites / insect pests thereby immobilizing them. The mites / insect pests stopfeeding within half an hour after spray and get immobilized because ofstarvation in about 48 hours.

Available : 250ml and 500ml

Application :

  • Spray RCM-Rapid when the infestation is seen which can cause, an economic damage to the crops at an interval and repeat spray after 15 days.
  • Dilute 1.5 to2 ML of RCM-Rapid per Liter of clean water (i.e. 300 to 400 ML in 200liters of water). Mix thoroughly and spray on both sides of thefoliage.
Compatibility :

RCM-Rapid is compatible with almost all commonly used pesticides, Bio fertilizers. Still we strongly recommend checking compatibility before mixing other compounds.

Safety :

Though botanical extract, Rapid should be kept out of reach ofchildren, food, feed and fodder.

Disclaimer :

RCM-Rapid is not claimed to be a conventional Pesticide / Acaricide, Maximum Residue Limits study is not