RCM Harit Sanjivani is designed For 1 Acer (43,560 Sq. Feet)&

half Acer (21,780 Sq. Feet). It comprises of 750gm For 1 Acer & 375gm. For Half Acer. It consists of 4 Pouch for Different Stages of crop. These stages are designed keeping requirements of crop at various age. Detailed scheduled as per crop Stages is Given in detail. The schedule should be followed strictly to assure good results.

Avalable : 750gm (for 1 acre), 375gm(for half acre)

Stage 1: Soil & Root Treatment
  • Improves structure & texture of the soil:
  • It helps in more aevation, more oxygen supply. It helps in vigorous growth of roots & plants.
  • Increases soil fertility.
  • Increases humus content.
  • Breaks up unproductive clay soils and turns into productive soils.
  • Increases soil micro flora.
  • Increase microbial activity.
  • Accelerate seed germination.
  • Enable reduction of frost damage.
  • Make available other major nutrients.
  • Stimulates plant enzymes and hormones.
Features of RCM Harit Sanjivani Stage No: 1
  • RCM HaritSanjivani Stage No: 1is natural means organic product.
  • Saves 30 to 40 % in chemical Fertilizer. Thus saving in Expenses.
  • RCM HaritSanjivani Stage No:1 is totally safe for human being, animals, Birds and Environment
How to use:
  • RCM HaritSanjivani Stage No:1 Can be mix with organic bio fertilizer as well as chemical fertilizer.
  • SRCM HaritSanjivani Stage No:1 Can be given through drip irrigation.
  • RCM HaritSanjivani Stage No:1 can be given by mixing in dry soil.
  • Don't mix with pesticide preferably.
  • Soil should be watered sufficiently after treatment.
Type Of Farming Per Acer Dose Time Of Application
Irrigated land 250 gm At the time of sowing/Transplanting/plantation or up to 30 day from the sowing.
Dry land 250 gm At the time of sowing/Transplanting/plantation or up to 30 day from the sowing.

Those tree not cutting Severalyear.application of RCM haritsanjivani stage no 1 as per given below

Age of tree Dose Of RCM Harit Sanjivani Stage no:1 Water
2 year 2 gm 5 litter
5 year 5 gm 10 litter
5 year and above 10 gm 15 litter

RCM Harit Sanjivani Stage No: 2,3 & 4 Mode of action :

This is source of organic nitrogen, the amino acids when absorbed helps in stimulating metabolic activation, going on in the plant system. Like photosynthesis, respiration, nutrient Absorption & assimilation etc. Being systemic in action gets absorbed in the plant system & helps overall growth & development of the crop.In case when the nutrients in plant are immobile, are transported to the site of requirement. This helps in utilisation of stored nutrients.

RCM Harit Sanjivani Stage 2 : Vegetative growth Treatment

  • Provides organic Nitrogen quick & easy absorption by the crop.
  • Plays an active role in respiratory function
  • Increase chlorophyil concentration and boost the photosynthetic activity.
  • Absorbed through leaves, therefore leaves grow strong and juicy green.

RCM HaritSanjivani Stage 3 : Flowering Treatment

  • Helps to boost up energy metabolism in the plant.
  • Provides easily assimiable source of nutrition's.
  • Helps in pollination and fruit formation.
  • Helps to activate phytohormones and other growth substances in the crop.
  • Roots become active and strong, controls undesired growth of trees. It also reduces the distance between internode.
  • Helps to overcome stress condition.

RCM Harit Sanjivani Stage 4 : Fruiting & Yield Treatment

  • Quantity of fruits and flowers grows.
  • Falling of fruits and flowers is reduced considerably, which results in enhances average production per acre.
  • This treatment ensures consistent growth and consistent flowering resulting in multiple yields from same plant.
  • Farmers get better market rate due to uniform size of fruits all over.

Features of RCM Harit Sanjivani Stage No : 2, 3, 4

  • RCM HaritSanjivani natural means organic product.
  • RCM HaritSanjivaniis totally safe for human being, animals, birds and environment.
  • Saves 20 to 40 % in chemical spraying. Thus saving in expenses.
  • 25 to 50 % more production.


  • While spraying RCM Harit Sanjivani Stage 2, 3, 4 land should be wet or land should be watered immediately after spray.
  • For best results spraying should be done in the morning or evening.
  • Compatible with most insecticides & fungicides, excepts those with Alkaline Reaction

How to use RCM Harit Sanjivani Stage 2, 3, 4